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The monument of Jan Žižka from Trocnov

The monument of Jan Žižka from Trocnov can be found in the place of Žižek's birthplace, about 15 km southeast of České Budějovice, near the village of Trocnov. Jan Žižka was a great military leader and an important representative of the Hussite movement. In the building of the former plow yard you will find an exhibition of his life and his participation in the Hussite movement. There are stored objects from the 14th - 17th century, found during archaeological excavations of Trocnov courts.

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České Budějovice

1. České Budějovice mini-brewery

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Cýklovýlet Gmund

Gmund cyklobusem a zpět – 41 km, celkové stoupání 395 m.

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Cyklovýlet Slavonice

Slavonice cyklobusem a zpět přes Maříž, Staré město pod Landštejnem a Novou Bystřici – 41 km, celkové stoupání 644m

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Rope center

We have prepared two routes full of creative obstacles for you, on which you will test your fitness and courage and at the same time enjoy their imaginativeness and originality. And all within reach of the center of České Budějovice!

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Cuknštejn Fortress

Cuknštejn Fortress from the 15th century (built by Vilém Pouzar of Michnice in 1488-91, a Gothic building originally protected by a moat with a drawbridge with a massive hexagonal tower. From 1620 until Cuknštejn was owned by the Buquoy family until 1945 and used to The father of the builder Cukenštejn served as the burgrave of the Rožmberks, another of the holders of Cukenštejn served at Prague Castle.The last pre-White Mountain holder was Kába of Rybňany, who fled to Třeboň before the advancing imperial army and died there in 1620. Cukenštejn died. The fortress has lost its economic and strategic importance.The buildings and the tower are enclosed around a courtyard only 13 X 15 m in size.The walls of these buildings were solid and almost windowless on the outside.The windows were mostly small and arranged to serve The passage in the front wing was entered through a drawbridge, which turned Cukenštejn into a small fortress.

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The Žumberk mini-brewery can be found in the village of the same name Žumberk near Nové Hrady in southern Bohemia. We prepare our delicious homemade beer in the traditional handicraft way using the two mash method. We use only the highest quality Czech raw materials for beer production. Malt, hops and water are the only raw materials from which Žumberk beer is made. We use the highest quality Haná malts, Satu Mare hops, we hop 3 times during the hop factory. We use boiling water from springs, which are located behind the pilgrimage church of the Virgin Mary in Dobrá Voda near Nové Hrady. Wort ferments in an open fermentation vat - spilce. The beer matures in lager tanks with a volume of 20 hl at a temperature close to zero. After 30 to 90 days, unfiltered, unpasteurized beer is bottled in kegs and bottles.

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Buškův hamr - water-powered smithy

Buškův hamr (ie a water-powered smithy) is located about one kilometer southwest of Trhové Sviny on the flow of the Klenský brook south of České Budějovice in the foothills of the Novohradské and Slepičí mountains. It was founded in 1780 in the immediate vicinity of the bone meal mill. Hamr is one of the three preserved functional hammers in the Czech Republic. However, the local oak hammer called mare, with which hammersmiths worked iron forgings, is the largest in the country with a weight of around 300 kilograms. It can forge at speeds of up to 150 strokes per minute.

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Choustník castle

Choustník is a ruin of a Rosenberg castle located above the village of the same name in the district of Tábor in the South Bohemian Region southeast of the town of Tábor. This is an example of the so-called "ganerbenburg" (double castle, multi-castle), behind whose walls lived several independent owners. The ruins of the castle are now restored and open to the public. The castle tower serves as a lookout tower

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Pilgrimage Church of Our Lady of Sorrows on a hill called Montserrat - the church is a scaled-down copy of the world-famous pilgrimage church in Montserrat.

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