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Nové Hrady

The new castles were an important border fortress in the Middle Ages. The sources document a Slavic fortified settlement, in the 13th century a high medieval castle belonging to the Vítkovec family was built here. After 1620, Nové Hrady became the residential town of the Buquoys, who lived here until 1945, first in a rebuilt Rosenberg house on the square, rebuilt into a Baroque residence, later in a newly built early Classicist castle on the edge of the historic city center.

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Nové Hrady castle

The Gothic Nové Hrady Castle was founded on a rocky promontory with a massive moat as a border castle, which was to protect the Czech Route from Bohemia to Austria. The castle has three sightseeing routes. It is located in the town of Nové Hrady.

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Stálkov, Matějovec

Grasel's Cave and Trail; hájovna u Stálkova - museum of self-growns; Rock town near Stálkov, Schiller's stone

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Terčino údolí/Terezino valley

The protected park Terčino (also Terezino) údolí lies about 1 km southwest of Nové Hrady in the valley of the river Stropnice in the Novohradské Mountains. Originally a landscape park, it covers an area of about 140 hectares.

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The Blockheide lookout tower

The Blockheide lookout tower is an observation tower in Austria. It is located in the federal state of Niederösterreich, near the town of Gmünd, in the Blockheide Nature Park, near the border with the Czech Republic. About the lookout tower - The Blockheide lookout tower is a recently restored wooden building. The original lookout tower was built here in 1964. The Blockheide lookout tower is 25 m high and stands at an altitude of 507 m.

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Kamenice nad Lipou

We can find a number of comments in the town chronicles about the fact that beer has been brewed in Kamenice nad Lipou for a long time. For example, Jindřich of Stráž in 1460 allowed every citizen of Kamenice to brew half a brew of beer once a year. However, we do not know how it was when every "crook made his own beer". (The streetboy here is not in a derogatory sense, but in the sense of "street dweller").

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The Slavonice Municipal Monument Reserve, which is one of the Renaissance towns in southwestern Moravia, lies in the southern part of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands near the Austrian border.

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The Slavonian catacombs

The Slavonian catacombs is one of the oldest parts of the town and is probably related to the Gothic buildings from the 13th century. The underground dungeons extend below the square, which suggests that the original square was smaller, mostly surrounded by wooden houses.

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Cyklovýlet po golfových hřištích

Okružní jízda po golfových hřištích Mnich, Haugschlag a Herrensee – 40 km, celkové stoupání 540 m.

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Cyklovýlet za koupáním do pískovny Cep II

Výlet za koupáním do pískovny Cep II přes Stříbřec – podél Starého hospodáře a zpátky po NS „kolem Třeboně“ přes Lutovou a Žíteč – délka 40,3 km – stoupání 423m

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