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Holiday settlement, in a wooded area stone "mazes"

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The first mention of Borovany dates back to 1186. At the end of the 13th century, Borovany was owned by the Vítkovci family. In 1327, the village was acquired by Vilém of Landštejn, whose son Vítek sold it to the Rožmberks in 1359, making it part of the Novohrad estate. At the end of the 14th century, several owners changed hands in Borovany, and it was not until the 1930s that Borovany became the property of Peter of Linda. He came from the Netherlands and was based in České Budějovice in the Czech Republic. He bought part of the Borovany estate in an effort to get among the local small nobility. After the death of his only son, Petr of Linda donated his property to the Borovany Monastery. He founded this Augustinian monastery himself in 1455 on the site of a parish church from the 14th century. The Augustinian monastery was hit by a plague epidemic in the 1650s, after which Vilém of Rožmberk installed Matka Kozka of Rynárek as the local provost. In 1564, however, the monastery was abolished. In 1578, Borovany, which was taken over by the Rosenbergs, was promoted to a town. After the extinction of the Rosenbergs in 1611, they inherited their estate, including the Borovan Švamberks. However, they lost their property in return for the estate uprising, and the Borovany estate fell to the emperor and later to the local monastery, which was restored in 1630. The Augustinian Order left Borovany only after the introduction of the church reforms of Joseph II. and the abolition of the local monastery in 1785. The abolished monastery was bought by the Schwarzenbergs and rebuilt into a chateau. In 1850 Borovany became an independent municipality and in 1973 they received the status of a town.

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Cyklovýlet do Třeboně a zpět

Do Třeboně a zpět – 36 km celkové stoupání 279 m.

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Veselí nad Lužnicí

Veselí nad Lužnicí (German: Wesseli an der Lainsitz, formerly Frohenbruck an der Lainsitz) is a town in the district of Tábor in the South Bohemian Region, 29 km northeast of České Budějovice at the confluence of the Lužnice and Nežárka rivers and on the edge of the Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area. The current town was created by merging the towns of Veselí nad Lužnicí and Mezimostí nad Nežárkou.

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Castle complex Žirovnice

Late Gothic frescoes have been preserved in the Gothic part of the Baroque chateau, representing the peak of Czech murals at the end of the 15th century. It is a unique and the largest fresco decoration in the Czech Republic.

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The Oasis Maříž center in South Bohemia (2 km from Slavonice) is a center of creativity for the general public. Here you will find Maříž creative workshops for the public (Paint a mug and other ceramics, Print a T-shirt, Stick a mug, Dial a bowl on a circle), a shop with original author's ceramics Maříž ?, restaurant Maříž with Austrian-Czech specialties, accommodation, playground , garden with trampoline, animals in summer, etc. The area is also suitable for corporate workshops (capacity 250 people), training, excursions, banquets, celebrations and similar occasions.

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Pfaffenschlag is a defunct medieval Moravian village located in a forest in the west of the cadastral area of Slavonice, south of the road from Slavonice to Stálkov. The remains of the village were discovered in the summer of 1958, the research was subsequently carried out by the Moravian Museum under the leadership of Vladimír Nekuda. The remains of the village are freely accessible following the red sign from Slavonice or the 200-meter-long road from the Slavonice - Stálkov road, and are also accessible to cyclists. The settlement was probably burned by Jan Žižka.

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Water world Gmünd

7 saltwater pools. The salt pools are equipped with various concentrations of salt, water massage beds, a stone with a spring, a counter-current channel, ground whirlpools and massage jets and a water slide. Open 9-22.

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ZOO Dvorec u Borovan

There are several quality enclosures in the park for big cats, for primates, the brown bear and in the last year also for ungulates. The collection of animals has expanded to include rare Indian tigers, spotted leopards, lemurs, bipedal camels and other no less interesting animals, including some domesticated species that are gradually disappearing in Europe - mangalica pig, Quessan sheep, stork sheep. We must not forget the construction of barrier-free sidewalks for visitors and parking. There are regular events such as Children's Day, the start of the season, the celebration of the establishment of the park, farewell to the holidays or the christening of the young born, which were not few.

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Lookout tower U Jakuba

A bird's eye view is offered in the very heart of Czech Canada on a newly built rest area by the tourist route near the village of Valtínov. With a height of 40.7 m, the mast construction with a unique wooden structure is the tallest lookout structure made of glued wooden profiles and the tallest wooden structure of its kind in the Czech Republic.

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