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Homolka - Vojířov

Homolka - Vojířov - preserved flowery and acidophilic beech forests and also peat bogs with characteristic vegetation

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Babí kámen

There are actually two stones in the place you are looking for today, and the first time is written about the so-called babina kout near Homolka in 1603. The ancient legend of human misery is associated with why the stone stands. The whole thing was to happen as follows: One woman went to one of the forest meadows in Dubovice to eat grass for feeding. She carried the grass to the house in a large veil, and she probably wanted to shorten her journey with a heavy load, or she still saw a nice mushroom in the hillside. Unfortunately, her foot slipped on one of the stones and the woman fell so unhappily that the scuff slid over her head and the strap from her wrapped around the dead and strangled her. It is not the only reminder of the misfortune that happened in Dubovice, but only in this place was the torment of God in this unusual form.

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-Hejtman pond

Hejtman Pond is a natural water area. Located in South Bohemia in the village of Chlum near Třeboň. Hejtman Pond has an area of 85 ha. It is widely used for recreation and fishing.

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Staňkov pond

Staňkovský rybník (formerly known as Soused and Velký Bystřický rybník) is the eighth largest pond in the South Bohemian Region and the eleventh in the entire Czech Republic. It is the fourth largest in the Jindřichův Hradec district. It is located in the south of Bohemia in the cadastral territory of the village of Staňkov at the state border with the Austrian federal state of Lower Austria, which runs along its eastern bank at various distances from it. The water area has an area of 241 ha. The earth dam is 160 m long and 14 m high and holds about 6.63 million m2 of water. It reaches a depth of 8.5 m (according to some sources up to 10 m). The pond is 6 km long and its circumference is 21 km. The basin is 124 km2. It lies at an altitude of 469 m.

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Chateau Stráž nad Nežárkou

This historically very rare building has never been open to the public. It was opened to the public on May 6, 2006, when it was ceremoniously opened by the wife of the President of the Czech Republic, Mrs. Livia Klausová, the Governor of the South Bohemian Region and the current owner of the chateau. Here you will see - a restored historic building (castle and chateau), the largest exhibition of Emma Destinnová (which is a walk through the life and work of this important opera singer) and a rich concert program of top artists from around the world.

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Stráž nad Nežárkou

Stráž nad Nežárkou (Platz in German) is a South Bohemian town located approximately halfway between Jindřichův Hradec and Třeboň. The Nežárka River flows in the valley on the northern edge of the town. The town is associated with the memory of the famous singer Emma Destinn, who bought her local castle through her boyfriend in 1914 (she officially became the owner in 1920), and lived there until her death in 1930.

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Chlum u Třeboně

The town of Chlum near Třeboň (German: Chlumetz bei Wittingau) is located in the district of Jindřichův Hradec, South Bohemian Region. The first written mention of the village comes from 1399. Chlum has a long tradition in the production of art glass, n.p. Czech crystal, glass school. In the 15th century, iron ore was mined in the area, which was processed here until the beginning of the 20th century, and after its extraction, the development of glassmaking followed. The poet František Hrubín (1910-1971) stayed regularly in the local castle park. There is also a bust and a memorial hall. There is also a rare tree - Liliovník (Lyrovník) tulip flower

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Small circuit of the hostess

Small circuit of the hostess - length 10km - climb 170 m

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The northernmost point of Austria

The northernmost point of Austria is the border point where the national tourist routes of the Czech Republic and Austria meet. This starting point is located on the state border, at the confluence of the Koštěnický brook

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The Stone of the Republic

The Stone of the Republic is a monument related to the events connected with the occupation of Czechoslovakia at the beginning of World War II. It is located near the forest hotel Peršlák, near the state border between the Czech Republic and Austria.

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